Soloclix Part 2

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So recently I actually managed to get a (short) game of Heroclix with my cousin, who’s into miniatures, war games, board games, etc and happens to have a few Heroclix himself.

I brought over my ridiculously large collection and we gave one another some freebie pieces that either we had doubles of or didn’t really want. All in all it was a nice experience gaming with my cousin when usually there are two to three other people involved in a game we’re playing on a Saturday.

Having said that, I should note that for someone who hasn’t played Heroclix almost at all, my cousin whipped my ass raw in that short little game. We played a standard 300pt game, selecting pieces and playing to themes. My team theme formed around the old Invaders team and consisted of Union Jack, Captain America and Spitfire. His team theme revolved about something called “winning” and it seemed to really work for him, you know? Actually, to be fair, there was a sort of theme developing with his team when he combined the promo Iron Man piece I gave him (which was really kick ass, btw) and the Batman piece that came with the Gotham City board game (it was interesting but Croc is unfairly strong as an available character). He seemed to be going for the “rich guy superheroes” theme until, that is, he threw the Punisher in there armed with a chain gun.


I didn’t take out ONE of his pieces. Not a single one.

Granted, we did some things wrong. For one, we didn’t play on a standard sized map. Really, the one map we used was about half the size of a standard Heroclix map. Next, he attacked my team before I was able to take my first turn in my staging area. Big no-no. Still, he didn’t do much damage-not right away, anyhow. Next, I didn’t have a 300pt team. It was more like a 260something point team. So that was handicapping me. Then, of course, I did what I used to do when I played at Heroclix tournaments at my old comic shop-I helped him play the game by giving him pointers on what he could do to destroy my pieces.

“You might want to use Iron Man’s running shot to base this asshole who’s in stealth. Flying units can target grounded ones-even if they’re in stealth.” I would say.

“Oh. Ok, I do THAT. :D”

It went on like that. But you know what? I enjoyed it! I guess somehow I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to playing games like Heroclix. Either that or when I sit down to play something like Clix I do so out of enjoyment and not “to win”.