WARNINGFor my non spanish speaking friends, be careful Googling Soloclix.  Whatever you do, don’t hit the images tab and DON’T click anything on there.  You see, “Un Solo Clic” in Spanish means “Just One Click”.  Its an invitation to click onto malware and spammy delicious porn/illegal movie download sites.  Yeah, definitely NSFW territory.


Sad as it is, I have actually been considering playing Heroclix by myself. I looked online and found a few REALLY old forum post that offered some useful options when it comes to…playing with yourself.

Since first picking up the hobby back in 2005, I can say that I have never seen or heard of these things called “event dials” but apparently they exist and are sometimes used by people to do Soloclix. I think if my local hobby store had one, I would have bought one already–considering that they’re going for next to nothing on Ebay.

Alternately, you can roll some dice to decide who goes first, etc and maybe use cards or some other determining factor to see which characters inside that team act first.

Also, a more expensive alternative would be to purchase some of the big figures like Galactus or the Anti-Monitor and have a big ass brawl fest.

Someone likened it to playing chess by yourself. With that said, I suppose another useful tidbit would be not to favor one team over another. I guess use two teams that you really like (JLA vs Avengers?) and have them duke it out. So if you like the X-Men, for example, why not pit the old school heroes versus the new school folks?

Hmmm, I have to find time to rummage through my hundreds of clix.  Thinking I can make pre-build teams and place each one in some ziplock bags.  That way, when I want my 80’s X-men vs the Brotherhood of Mutants, I can just go grab me some clicks in a bag and eat them play with them.  By myself.  Yay!



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